79 minutes | Nov 8th 2017

Meena Khalili // New in Lou 365

Episode 235. Aired on November 8, 2017 Have you ever wanted to change up your style? Or get better at something in a fairly quick amount of time? Well it all takes time. Meena Khalili has been a regular guest on the show and I am stoked to have her back. Meena is an illustrator, and design professor who is has one hand in the digital world and one hand in the physical world. She will be talking about her 365 project that transformed her style and has turned into a traveling show. Find out why she got started, what tools she takes with her, how long each sketch takes, and how her style has morphed since beginning this 365 challenge. Follow and connect with Meena: her site: meenakhalili.com (direct link to purchase prints from material print shop: materialprintshop.com/store/meena-khalili) dribbble: dribbble.com/meenakhalili instagram for New in LOU: instagram.com/newinlou365 instagram for Meena: instagram.com/meenakhalili twitter: twitter.com/meenakhalili Find more great episodes at www.rechargingyou.com Connect on Instagram & Twitter: @designrecharge Or email me at diane [at] rechargingyou.com Become a part of the Design Recharge Family and get access to the interviews each week. Sign up at http://www.rechargingyou.com
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