40 minutes | Apr 19, 2021

005 - Building Between Conflicting Views | Interview with Mayor Mike Savage

Vincent interviews Mike Savage, a president of the World Energy Cities Partnership, Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership member, and mayor of Halifax Regional Municipality. In this conversation: Leadership through collaboration, influencing sustainable development with policy and incentives, and the ongoing effort to make Halifax the most inclusive, entrepreneurial, and livable city it can be. Transcript and show notes: breakhouse.ca/podcast/5 Learn more about Mayor Mike Savage at halifax.ca/mayor Get in touch: podcast@breakhouse.ca Host: Vincent Van den Brink, Architect + Partner, Breakhouse, Inc. Guest: Mike Savage, Mayor, Halifax Regional Municipality Announcer: Danielle Pottier, Senior Architect, Breakhouse, Inc. Producer: Brenden Sommerhalder, Director, Analytics + Integration, Breakhouse, Inc. Production Assistant: Jamie White, Manager, Social Media, Breakhouse, Inc. Theme music: Ghettosocks
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