34 minutes | Mar 8, 2021

003.2 - Architecture In The Wild | Interview with Omar Gandhi (Part 2)

A second part of Vincent's interview with Omar Gandhi, of Omar Gandhi Architect. In this conversation: Architects' responsibility to a community; how life and work are connected; designing through landscape; and, of course, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Transcript and show notes: breakhouse.ca/podcast/3.2 Learn more about Omar Gandhi Architect at https://omargandhi.com/ Get in touch: podcast@breakhouse.ca Host: Vincent Van den Brink, Architect + Partner, Breakhouse, Inc. Guest: Omar Gandhi, Founder, Omar Gandhi Architect Announcer: Danielle Pottier, Senior Architect, Breakhouse, Inc. Producer: Brenden Sommerhalder, Director, Analytics + Integration, Breakhouse, Inc. Production Assistant: Jamie White, Manager, Social Media, Breakhouse, Inc. Theme music: Ghettosocks
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