32 minutes | Feb 8, 2021

003.1 - The Future of Design | Interview with Omar Gandhi (Part 1)

Vincent interviews Omar Gandhi, founder of the accomplished Canadian design firm Omar Gandhi Architect. OGA was recently announced winner of the major New Waterfront Arts District Design Competition in Halifax. In this conversation: Building through landscape, design as a method, the relationship with a project through its lifecycle, the impact of successes and awards in the industry, and the future of design. Transcript and show notes: breakhouse.ca/podcast/3.1 Learn more about Omar Gandhi Architect at https://omargandhi.com/ Get in touch: podcast@breakhouse.ca Host: Vincent Van den Brink, Architect + Partner, Breakhouse, Inc. Guest: Omar Gandhi, Founder, Omar Gandhi Architect Announcer: Danielle Pottier, Senior Architect, Breakhouse, Inc. Producer: Brenden Sommerhalder, Director, Analytics + Integration, Breakhouse, Inc. Production Assistant: Jamie White, Manager, Social Media, Breakhouse, Inc. Theme music: Ghettosocks
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