53 minutes | Jan 25, 2021

002 - A Brand Designed to Spread Optimism | Interview with Tareq Hadhad

Vincent interviews Tareq Hadhad, founder and CEO of Peace By Chocolate: a Syrian-owned, Nova Scotia-based chocolate company. They discuss Tareq and his family’s decision to leave Syria as refugees for Canada, the role of philanthropy in business, and the power of an authentic story to build an impactful brand. Transcript and show notes: breakhouse.ca/podcast/2 Learn more about Peace By Chocolate and the Peace on Earth Society, and buy their products online, at peacebychocolate.ca Get in touch: podcast@breakhouse.ca Host: Vincent Van den Brink, Architect + Partner, Breakhouse, Inc. Guest: Tareq Hadhad, founder & CEO, Peace By Chocolate Announcer: Danielle Pottier, Senior Architect, Breakhouse, Inc. Producer: Brenden Sommerhalder, Director, Analytics + Integration, Breakhouse, Inc. Production Assistant: Jamie White, Manager, Social Media, Breakhouse, Inc. Theme music: Ghettosocks
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