64 minutes | Aug 29, 2019

Introducing ReviewCycle: A New Creative Asset Review Tool

We're back, and we're changing things up.Moving forward, Design By Committee will feature weekly updates and behind-the-scenes looks as we build out a new SaaS product called ReviewCycle, designed to help creatives get better and more productive feedback from the clients and colleagues on creative assets they're working on. We've been working on this product for a few months now. Weekly, we have meetings to discuss what we're working on, set goals, discuss features, design, content and marketing ideas, and we're letting you in on the action. We're recording each one of these weekly meetings, and releasing them here. No editing, no censoring, the full raw account of what it's like to start a SaaS company from scratch. This week, we intro what ReviewCycle is about, chat about some new features we're working on (annotations), and discuss ways we might be able to better classify feedback to provide more structure to conversations around creative assets.Curious what we're working on? Check it out at reviewcycle.io.
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