84 minutes | Dec 16, 2018

Content, Trust and Branding with Margot Bloomstein

This week, we've got Margot Bloomstein with us, talking about content, trust and branding. In this absolutely packed show, we cover the following and more: Matt's and Margot's thoughts on the process of collecting and reviewing content for a web project, including how to create a more efficient content pipeline Thoughts on the tools used in the content production process today. Is there room for more? Or, go back to basics? The importance of sketching and multimedia in the content process How using different formats of content can help you tell your story better Some observations about how the web might be influencing the real world. What would happen is we brought ideas like search into a retail environment? The role of content in building trust, and how authenticity and vulnerability play into it How a net new brand can build trust without social proof, reviews or testimonials A preview of Margot's new book about using vulnerability and content to build trust and rebuild your brand Plus! We do a Homepage Throwdown on Patagonia's website (patagonia.com). What do we think about the full bleed slideshow they have? Listen to find out. Make sure to connect with Margot Bloomstein on Twitter at @mbloomstein. Visit her company, Appropriate, Inc at appropriateinc.com.Don't miss our FREE guide on how to develop better content habits in your organization and skyrocket your own content strategy. Download the guide at maderalabs.com/contenthabits.Want to join us on the show? Have a question or topic you'd like to talk about? Email us at ask@dbcshow.com, or call in at 813-485-4866!
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