77 minutes | Dec 9, 2018

Content, Meeting Design, Authenticity and more with Meghan Casey

Content, authenticity, meetings, social media, training....this episode has it all. We chat with Meghan Casey, founder of Do Better Content and author of The Content Strategy Toolkit, to get her thoughts on the state of content today. Some of the highlights: How do you deal with the lopsided nature of remote meetings, when you're the only remote participant? What are the problems with meetings in general, and can we design better ones? Has social media changed how we write? (And, is it for good or bad?) What's the role of authenticity in content, and why is it important?  Is the quality of content, on a whole, increasing or decreasing? Also, we tackle two websites on this episode's Homepage Throwdown - Meghan's site, dobettercontent.com and humansonthemove.com.Don't forget to download our guide to better content, Let It Grow: 5 Better Content Habits for 2019, at maderalabs.com/contenthabits.Join the show by calling us at 813-485-4866 or email us at ask@dbcshow.com.Thanks for listening!
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