65 minutes | Nov 18, 2018

Content and UX with Corey Vilhauer

We kick off this episode by asking this question: should recruiters be allowed at tech meetups?Also, a deep dive with Corey Vilhauer, UX architect and content strategist at Blend Interactive. We chat with Corey about what kinds of projects he's working on, and dive deep into how content and CMS's interact. Also, Corey chimes in on accessibility, and what role content has to play in the making your website and apps more accessible. We also dive into content modeling: what it is, why it's so helpful, and how you can use it to get a better grip on all the pieces of content on your site or app.FInally, we introduce a brand new segment, the Homepage Throwdown, where we put up a listener site and dig into what we think is going well, and where we think things could improve. This week, we take a look at sylchristensen.com and tear it apart.To join us on the show and chat about your work, or to submit your site to the Homepage Throwdown, email us at ask@dbcshow.com! 
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