51 minutes | Mar 17, 2019

Accessibility with Eileen Webb

We're joined this week by Eileen Webb, director of strategy at Webmeadow, a consultancy that helps companies develop content and technology strategies that fulfill their missions to make the world a better place. Covered in this week's show: Justin has a friend who runs an agency, and is sometimes called "hard to work with" because he tries to offer some critical feedback and hard questions during the sales process. Is there a place for consultative selling, or is it a waste of time? The importance of plain language in helping people to find your content and understand it Why audio-based content should always have transcripts attached How to sell accessibility to the business by speaking their language The importance of internal accessibility - ensuring that the backend of your site or app is just as accessible as the frontend How to make projects more accessible by accommodating project members' needs and building some flex into your project timelines and approach This episode is jammed with amazing insights from Eileen that you don't want to miss!Want to be on the show? Have a question for us? Email us at ask@dbcshow.com, or give us a call at 813-485-4866!
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