36 minutes | Apr 8, 2019

#40: Is It Possible to be with Your Ex and Not Ruin the Party?

No joke, does this idea seem like a pipe dream? Like chasing down a unicorn? How can it be, if you (and your ex) both want "what's best for the kids?" Holidays, graduations, weddings, funerals ... these are all times that you will most likely be around your ex again. And these are all times, that your kids and family will be embarrassed and feel awkward ... if you don't get COMMITTED to actually doing and being what's best for your kids, instead of just setting a goal to do it. There's a BIG DIFFERENCE between Commitment energy and Goal-seeking energy. In this episode, begin to figure out where you're really at, before it's too late. Stay connected, ask questions, and share stories: in the Divorce With Heart Facebook Group. Follow Gina on Instagram @ginamariedeprima
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