19 minutes | Oct 11, 2019

S4 Bonus Episode: Is This How Time Passes?

Back behind the mic but just for a minute. I recorded this in my car (fun!) and you can tell :P Happy World Mental Health Day. Treat yo'self to some healthy coping mechanisms and an attempt at good sleeping habits (and drink more water than I do)! I've started a third gig, adopted an insane kitten, spent too much time reflecting and too little time creating. Bringing Dustin Harmsen back on the show and and *planning*on releasing that episode by Halloween. It's not Homework buuuut Extra Credit for the next episode is to read "Gender Queer" by Maia Kobabe. There are some excerpts from the graphic novel memoir here: https://redgoldsparkspress.com/projects/6926504 And you can read more about Maia here: https://redgoldsparkspress.com Logo by Jennifer Leatherby. Music by Gloom Balloon Checkout the Sad Song Dispatch playlist on Spotify.
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