126 minutes | Sep 11th 2017

DLB Episode 5 Asikaa's Reality

Sit back and enjoy a Joe IPA from 10 Barrel Brewery as we get to know professional streamer Asikaa. From her time as a young adult, to now trying to balance her work life, personal life and streaming to her vast Mixer audience five days a week. Witness the contrast between her work life, which includes working in community recreation with disabled people, to entertaining her 4000 plus followers on mixer through streaming her game play live, and interacting with her audience through the comments section. It seems like no matter what Asikaa is doing at any particular time of the day, it in one way or another includes trying to improve lives of strangers. We learned from Asikaa the power of saying yes, the strength we have when we come together as a group, and the possible mental health benefits obtained through video game interaction.