17 minutes | Sep 30, 2020

Macy Cheeks & Shavonne Holman on Blacks in I/O

What's it like to be Black in I-O psychology? When Shavonne Holman and Macy Cheeks graduated from Howard University—the country's most prestigious historically black university—and entered graduate programs in I-O psych, they weren't prepared for how alone and isolated they'd feel. Over dinner and drinks, they talked about forming a LinkedIn group for Blacks in I/O...and that's when things got really interesting. In this episode, you'll hear the story of how that LinkedIn group became Blacks in I/O, a professional networking & learning association for Black industrial-organizational psychologists, practitioners, students and allies. You'll also learn how _you _ can pitch in to help Blacks in I/O change the field. Check out the episode page for more links to Blacks in I/O resources a full transcript of this episode. If you'd like to support Department 12 and learn a bunch of cool new stuff, check out Listenable. Listenable is powerful, bite-sized audio courses authored by well‑loved experts. This week's featured course is, appropriately enough, Building a Network for Success. Check out Listenable today and be sure to use the links provided here.
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