33 minutes | May 6, 2021

Comedian Jim David (Gay Jokes for Straight Cruisers): "I Finally Found My Niche"

Dennis is joined via Zoom by his old pal, comedian Jim David to talk about Jim's hilarious new album Gay Jokes for Straight Cruisers, which he recorded on a trans-Atlantic cruise in March 2020. He talks about what inspired him to put the album together, the early-COVID time capsule quality of the album and the thrill of going to Number 1 on iTunes. Other topics include: how edgy the cruise lines that hire him allow him to get, when he thinks cruising will return, when cruise passengers complain about his gay material, how he uses his downtime on the ships, what his 90-year old parents think of his career, the clever nicknames he has for his fans and that time he insulted Trump to his face. www.comicjimdavid.com
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