73 minutes | Feb 1, 2021

Actor-Writer Ryan J. Haddad (Hi, Are You Single?): "The Milkshakes Are Here!"

Dennis is joined via Zoom by Ryan J. Haddad the star and writer of the one-man show Hi Are You Single? which is streaming on line all through February (see link below). The show is a funny, smart and moving look his quest for love, connection, or just a decent hookup as a gay man with cerebral palsy. He talks about the origins of the show, why gay men looking for connection can be cruel to each other, and some of the reactions he's gotten to the show. He also talks about coming out to his family, some of the reactions he's gotten to the play, and the profound reaction he had to the Netflix TV series Special, which also features a gay protagonist with cerebral palsy. Other topics include: working with Ben Platt, Bette Midler and Jackie Hoffman on the TV show The Politician, the special dedication at the end of the piece, the frustrating Grindr interface and milkshakes with donuts on top. https://www.woollymammoth.net/ http://www.ryanjhaddad.com/
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