53 minutes | Apr 13th 2021

Shari Davis Elevates Participatory Budgeting

Participatory budgeting is actually about connecting folks with the skills and resources to navigate and shape government. And so, for me, that is the most optimistic and the most important outcome of any participatory budgeting process.Shari DavisA full transcript is available at www.democracyparadox.com.Key Highlights IncludeA walk through the process of participatory budgeting with an exampleThe history of participatory budgeting around the worldAn example of participatory budgeting in ChinaThe Role of Art in DemocracyNext steps for Participatory BudgetingShari Davis leads the Participatory Budget Project as its Executive Director. They have over 15 years working in local government beginning in high school. And not long ago they were honored as an Obama Fellow. Key LinksParticipatory Budgeting ProjectDemocracy Beyond Elections"Why is Democracy Performing so Poorly" by Francis FukuyamaRelated ContentHélène Landemore on Democracy without ElectionsCarolyn Hendriks, Selen Ercan and John Boswell on Mending DemocracyMore from the PodcastMore InformationDemocracy GroupApes of the State created all MusicHow Do We Fix It?Email the show at democracyparadoxblog@gmail.comFollow me on Twitter @DemParadox100 Books on Democracy
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