43 minutes | Apr 6th 2021

Chris Bickerton Defines Technopopulism

That tension between the politics of the whole and the politics of the part, that tension between the politics of generality and the politics of particularity, is really at the heart of party democracy. What we are sort of trying to capture, I suppose, with technopopulism is to think of a form of politics where that tension has simply gone.Chris BickertonA full transcript is available at www.democracyparadox.com.Key Highlights Include- Chris describes Technopopulism through an explanation of the Five Star Movement in Italy- We discuss how populists and technologists consider expertise- How technopopulism is different from classic interest-based politics- We discuss ANO and the Pirate Party in the Czech Republic- Barak Obama is analyzed in the lens of technopopulism- Chris explains how he thinks we can move beyond technopopulismChris Bickerton is a reader of of Modern European Politics at the University of Cambridge. Alongside Carlo Invernizzi Accetti, he is the coauthor of Technopopulism: The New Logic of Democratic Politics.  He is also a frequent panelist on Talking Politics. More InformationDemocracy GroupApes of the State created all MusicLet's Find Common GroundKey LinksTechnopopulism: The New Logic of Democratic Politics by Christopher Bickerton and Carlo Invernizzi Accetti"Understanding the Illiberal Turn: Democratic Backsliding in the Czech Republic" by Seán Hanley and Milada Anna VachudovaFive Star Movement at WikipediaRelated ContentChad Alan Goldberg on the Wisconsin Idea and the Role of the Public University in a DemocracyThomas Carothers and Andrew O'Donohue are Worried About Severe PolarizationMore from the Podcast
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