12 minutes | Feb 8, 2021

Healthcare PowerChat #119 Genomics Ed: Managing NGS Data, V. Wittorff, PetaGene, P. Sweeney, Pt I

In this episode, Vaughan Wittorff, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at PetaGene, and Phil Sweeney, Director, Digital Edge, Healthcare and Life Sciences for Dell Technologies, begin by providing a refresher on NGS, its importance and an explanation of how and why the use of NGS is growing so rapidly. Vaughan then describes how he sees NGS evolving in terms of use cases. Phil then discusses the components of successful NGS Processing along with Dell’s role in enabling this endeavor as a technology partner. Phil outlines the challenges associated with managing NGS data and Vaughan begins to describe how PetaGene responds to those challenges.
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