39 minutes | Oct 31, 2018

Episode 5: Sacrifice and Family, with Jonah Garcia

Jonah Garcia is an MPS technician in Columbus, Ohio and has been with the imageOne for 3 years. Prior to imageOne, Jonah has spent over 2 years as a Production Operator and then 9 years as a Lead Production Coordinator for FedEx Office. Ed Butts, an Managed Print Technician in Columbus, worked with Jonah at FedEx Office for 4 years and “twisted his arm” to join the imageOne team when an opening became available. While Jonah has over 10 years experience with copiers, scanners and large format plotters, he had never had to repair a device. That didn’t stop him from diving in and becoming a valued technical team member. He’s got a wonderful energy. And, in his free time, Jonah enjoys playing basketball, bike riding and spending time with his family and friends. One of the most significant life events he’s experienced since joining the team — adopting two children from his late sister in law, Hannah. What you'll learn about in this episode: How Jonah finds peace and solitude to maintain life balance The challenges of adoption and raising a family, especially when it comes to teaching children the different rules between households How past experiences within your family can affect current support in positive ways — allowing you to learn from those you love Why the decisions you make growing up will still matter later when you have a family and career – so it's important to always be mindful How the short-term jobs you take growing up can actually help you in the future by training you to talk and deal with a wide variety of people Why a good personality may be more important than you think, even when working on technical issues How to deal with children (and others) who have a habit of vying for attention, getting into disagreements, and other challenges of parenthood The importance of people in your life who will stick with you with things get tough and you get tired, people who can help you and re-energize you Why you should continue to watch your own habits closely (what you eat, how much you sleep, etc.), even when time is short and life is challenging Some fun facts about printer management throughout the years, too! Ways to contact Jonah: Email: jgarcia@imageoneway.com  
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