46 minutes | Oct 17, 2018

Episode 4: Finding Your Way through Life Experiences, with Karla Stickney

Karla Stickney is a member of the Customer Care Team at imageOne and has been with the company for almost 15 years. Karla grew up in Lathrup Village, Michigan and moved to Chicago shortly after graduating high school. In Chicago, she worked for an x-ray manufacturer for just over five years where she was a part of the Customer Care Team. Her deep passion for providing customers with an extraordinary experience was the core reason she decided to apply to imageOne when she decided to move back to Michigan. Karla credits imageOne for fostering her growth and encouraging her to strive for the extraordinary. In the time that Karla started working at imageOne, she met and married her husband of 9 years, Pete, had her two boys Jakob and James, and purchased their first family home. She spends her free time relaxing with her family and reading. She is an avid runner and has an 11 year tradition of running the half marathon with her husband every October in Detroit. What you’ll learn about in this episode: How to start the day right by taking both mental and physical health into consideration Defining what’s important and staying focused on those things to be successful professionally, physically and personally Why choosing your thoughts matters and how to use that technique to perform better in life How life experiences — even from our youngest days, can teach us lessons about ourselves and how to use that knowledge to better ourselves How talking about your high school days, the kinds of choices you made, and why you made them can help you understand who you are as a person today How to find or identify opportunities in life and act on them Why building trust in your employees and trusting your employers can bring about a work environment conducive to productivity and shared desired to perform well Why finding purpose in what you do can help you perform better — and find it to be more rewarding Why caring is a virtue that matters, must be nurtured, and must be given How caring and feeling as though you are cared about can make all the difference Why genuine empathy and gaining a greater awareness of the people around you and the world itself can make life easier and more meaningful  
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