51 minutes | Aug 16, 2018

Episode 1: Setting High Standards and Strengthening Our Customer Relationships, with Andrea Gornick

Andrea Gornick is a Managed Print Specialist at imageOne. At imageOne, their passion is document lifecycle management: managed print services, document process automation, and document security. Since 1991, they've been helping businesses streamline and manage their internal printer fleet and transform manual paper-based processes into secure digital workflows. Their services benefit the entire organization – from budget-focused CIOs, to the IT team, to the end-user. To put it simply: they help companies save time and money. What you’ll learn about in this episode: The importance of setting aside a little time each morning before jumping on email and any social media to ponder the things that should be accomplished that day, get into a good rhythm, and prepare ourselves to make a difference in the lives of others How participating in sports and other social activities helps foster a team building spirit as we seek to achieve common goals with our colleagues at work and strengthen networking opportunities Why successful people focus on things they are good at, highlight them, and use them as a foundation to enhance success in other areas of life How taking pride in watching a firm grow over a period of time is both personally and professionally reassuring The importance of remembering our faith and abilities during moments when we may fear what is on the landscape, such as signs that a firm may experience a difficult period or some other uncertainty The reasons leaders set high standards, deliver on the expectations of their customers, and make impactful changes to accomplish the firm's goals The value of seeking quality work-life balance, pursuing opportunities that provide an unlimited potential to grow, and never getting comfortable sitting still in a single, stagnant place - even if a person stays at the same company and in a position with the same assigned duties How focusing on loyalty to customers, building long-term relationships with them, and working hard to keep them loyal to the organization is a rewarding experience for all parties involved The significance for those who work in marketing and sales to become skillful relationship builders above and beyond their talents as salespersons The significance of nurturing and sustaining our partnerships in the larger community  Ways to contact Andrea: Email: agornick@imageoneway.com Website: www.imageoneway.com LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/andreagornick
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