40 minutes | Nov 22, 2017

#11 Delicious Podcast & Maarten Devoldere

Have you ever wondered about finding inspiration to take your photography or job as a photographer to the next level? If the answer is YES, then you need to listen to the conversation with Maarten Devoldere (speaker at 2017 Nine Dots Gathering) wedding and family photographer from Belgium. In this episode of the podcast, we will also talk about his documentary approach to photography. Feel free to join: Facebook group for podcast listeners: www.facebook.com/groups/1218927234919987/ Podcast available on iTunes & Stitcher itunes.apple.com/pl/podcast/delic…ast/id1271891330 www.stitcher.com/podcast/jacek-si…dcast?refid=stpr Find Maarten Devoldere online: www: www.maartendevoldere.be/ insta: www.instagram.com/maartendevoldere/ fb: www.facebook.com/fotografiemaartendevoldere/ Thank you for all the comments we received after publishing episodes about Tomasz Kornas (Islanders Conference) http://www.deliciouspresets.com/delicious-podcast-tomasz-kornas-islanders-conference/ also podcast with: SEO for dummies (photographers) http://www.deliciouspresets.com/podcast-seo-for-photographers-dummies/ Wojtek Chrapek (London wedding photographer www.deliciouspresets.com/8-voyteck-lo…hotographer/) Albert Roig (from Camercita Film Lab) www.deliciouspresets.com/podcast-albe…ta-film-lab/ Wedding photographer from Norway: Eirik Halvorsen www.deliciouspresets.com/podcast-eirik-halvorsen/ Spanish wedding photographer: Pedro Bellido www.deliciouspresets.com/delicious-po…dro-bellido/ Destination wedding photographer Eric-Rene Penoy www.deliciouspresets.com/delicious-po…-rene-penoy/ Film wedding photographer Isabelle Hesselberg www.deliciouspresets.com/delicious-po…e-heselberg/ and also the ones with Kevin Mullins www.deliciouspresets.com/podcast-kevin-mullins/ and Marco Marinkovic www.deliciouspresets.com/delicious-po…-marinkovic/ Also big up to our Insta-listeners for sharing your images on Instagram with the #deliciospodcast, it is so great to see the images developed in Lightroom while listening to this show, I can't wait to see more of your work on Instagram with #deliciospodcast. Next episode of Delicious Podcast soon, in the meantime you can find me on Facebook & Instagram. www.facebook.com/deliciouspresets/ www.instagram.com/deliciouspresets/ www.deliciouspresets.com/ Drop me a line if you got any ideas for future guests in the show or any particular subjects you would like to hear.
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