44 minutes | Nov 19th 2020

Chaos 03 - In God We Trust

It’s been over two weeks now since the 2020 Presidential Election, and we are no closer to knowing what the outcome will be. Joe Biden continues to lead his transition team and develop his prospective cabinet, whilst the Trump campaign continues to raise numerous allegations of widespread fraud.

Fractures are opening up between Washington politicians and state officials who manage the election processes. News networks are dominated by [artisan viewpoints, with the issue leading to significant increases in viewership for new conservative networks such as Newsmax at the expense of Fox News. In the meantime, protest marches are being organised in various states, that are starting to lead to pockets of violence breaking out.

The situation is all leading to a general distrust of elected officials and the political process. But public trust in the institutions has been eroding for decades. It was the Watergate scandal, where investigative journalism shone a light on illegal and unethical actions at the highest levels of government, that faith in the political establishment began to crumble. However, it has been the combined impact of events following 9/11 that have resulted in public trust for all institutions dropping sharply.

The Iraq War, the impact of Katrina on New Orleans, and the global financial crisis, all provided ample evidence to the public of dishonest, incompetent, immoral, and arguably illegal behaviour by those who hold power. Now, those in power are using this cynicism to sow further division. As a result, trust in government, big businesses, and the media, were all at record lows as we entered the 2020 Presidential election.

When faith in the establishment has all but gone, it is possible to contemplate that a political party could successfully steal an election. These are perilous times.

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