91 minutes | Aug 2, 2019

Episode 9: Defending the Faith

 https://open.spotify.com/episode/1hEwhyHORml6q6QEjKichP?si=o8D2t5qPSZGEpsMqzNATQg • Episode 9: Defending the Faith • • Host ~ Shea Bilé  • • Guest Co-Host ~ Sam Mann  • - On this episode of Deferred Gnosis Podcast: • How does a Satanist defend himself against an atheist? How does religious/spiritual Satanism hold up against the arguments often employed by non-believers?  We passionately debate the value of faith and devotional religious practice. • Guest co-host for this episode is Sam Mann. Host of the Steel Legion Podcast. - We discuss and debate the value of faith: Theistic Satanic belief vs. secular atheism. Conceptions of God from a Satanic perspective. Is religious belief grounded in reality? Is magick necessary? Does it have value? Can it be proven? Why do we even need to? Does faith have value? Is it dangerous? The function of religious belief. Do we need to have evidence? Must we prove our gods/demons are real? Why? The difference between Abrahamic and Satanic apologetics. Religion vs. art vs. music - different impact/power? Transcendental vs. religious experience - is one different/better than the other? Is the Devil of the bible a valid expression of the divine? - Musicians, writers, artists of any kind: You are invited to submit your work to – deferredgnosis@gmail.com –  If interested, we would love to showcase your work and possibly interview you for the show. - Listeners and fellow travelers on the fringe: Please send us your comments, thoughts, suggestions, and topic ideas for future podcasts to – deferredgnosis@gmail.com. ‡ Intro Musick: Invocation of Nothing by Shea Bilé. ‡ Additional musical contribution for this episode (outro) - Romania by Roboton.   ‡ https://www.deferredgnosis.com    |      |      |    |     |      |    |    |     |  ‡ Subscribe by Email ‡ Please Consider Donating to the Deferred Gnosis Podcast. We are a self-sustained venture: A labor of love, with a helping of rage, transformed into passion for change. Please consider a donation, and a pledge of your support to our efforts. Highest Cheers from Deferred Gnosis. And if thou Wilt, please share -
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