73 minutes | Mar 14, 2015

Episode 4: Offal In The Orthodoxy

  https://open.spotify.com/episode/7GvfAMNwLYunOt79NgaU4C • Episode 4: Offal In The Orthodoxy • • The Hosts ~ Shea Bilé & Matt Johnson • - On this episode of Deferred Gnosis: We discuss the gradual dilution of contemporary religion, the phenomenon of fundamentalism and its dangers, and the inherent brutality that comes with living in a religious world. We also interview Christopher Wilke, the talented painter darkly. - We passionately deconstruct religious orthodoxy: Are contemporary Christians, Christian? Some thoughts from a secular atheist perspective. The dangers of religious fervor in the modern world. The current state of affairs. Is there an inherent and necessary adherence to scripture? Who creates the caliphate? Is there a place for organized religion in the modern world?  - An in-depth interview with Christopher Wilke, the painter: The stunning and preternaturally torturous art of Christopher Wilke. The evocation of the disfigured Self, the bloody unattainable muse, the significance of the Occult sciences - We deeply discuss the intentions and inspirations of this talented artist. (Cover Image - 'The Philosopher's Stone' by Christopher Wilke) - Musicians, Writers, Poets, Painters - Artists of any kind: Send us a link to your work - deferredgnosis@gmail.com - or use the comment section below. We will devote a segment to showcase your work along with a short interview with the artist. - Listeners, Artists, Commentators, Fellow travelers on the fringe: Send us your comments, thoughts, suggestions, topic ideas for future podcasts to - deferredgnosis@gmail.com - Or use the comment section below. ‡ Intro Musick: Invocation of Nothing by Shea Bilé ‡ Musical Contribution to this episode (Outro Song) - Eulerian Path by Anagnorisis   ‡ https://www.deferredgnosis.com    |      |      |    |     |      |    |    |     |    Please Consider Donating to the Deferred Gnosis Podcast. We are a self-sustained venture: A labor of love, with a helping of rage, transformed into passion for change. Please consider a donation, and a pledge of your support to our efforts. Highest Cheers from Deferred Gnosis. - And if thou Wilt, please share:
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