69 minutes | Oct 8, 2020

Episode 10: Devil Worship in the Desert

 https://open.spotify.com/episode/31oly1lfLUWLf6DDQ6trKE • Episode 10: Devil Worship in the Desert • • Host ~ Shea Bilé  • • Guest Co-Host ~ Luzia Lowe  • - On this episode of Deferred Gnosis Podcast: • Recorded deep in the Piute Mountains in the Eastern Mojave Desert, moments before engaging in a ritual evocation. A candid and intimate conversation on the realities of devotional Religious Satanism and Devil Worship. We also discuss our personal evolution within this discipline, ritual asceticism and blood-letting, transgressive sexual expression, and the self-overcoming nature of the mystical practices that drive our personal religious praxis, as well as our devotional ritual project, Cabal Diaboli (IG: @cabal.diaboli). • Guest co-host for this episode: alternative model, pro-dominatrix, and ritual performance artist, Luzia Lowe (IG: @the_luzia_lowe). - We discuss the role of devotion within Religious Satanism: The purpose of our venture - on-location in the Eastern Mojave Desert. The origination of Cabal Diaboli - a personal history. Transgression and devotional Theistic Satanism. A discussion on Satanic film. Body modification, blood-letting, self-mutilation, etc. within Religious Satanism. Luzia's history - becoming a dominatrix, BDSM, body modification, and Satanic devotion. The realities of edge play - transgression and sexual expression. Departure from atheism and embracing devotional Satanism. Transgression and asceticism within the occult tradition, the Satanic tradition, and our personal praxis. What is mysticism without transgression? The need for a system - practice without discipline or belief. The need for painful conviction. The question of legitimacy and authenticity within contemporary mysticism. A few stories about our previous ritual operations and our magickal practice. We describe and discuss the ritual operation we are about to perform. An off-the-grid ritual evocation, isolated completely from everything but the work at hand. - Listeners and fellow travelers on the fringe: Please send us your comments, thoughts, suggestions, and topic ideas for future podcasts to – deferredgnosis@gmail.com. ‡ Intro Musick: Invocation of Nothing by Shea Bilé. ‡ Additional musical contribution for this episode (outro) - Romania by Roboton. ‡ Luzia Lowe (https://www.instagram.com/the_luzia_lowe/). ‡ Cabal Diaboli (https://www.instagram.com/cabal.diaboli/).   ‡ https://www.deferredgnosis.com    |      |      |    |     |      |    |     |      |  ‡ Subscribe by Email ‡   Please Consider Donating to the Deferred Gnosis Podcast.   We are a self-sustained venture: A labor of love, with a helping of rage, transformed into passion for change. Please consider a donation, and a pledge of your support to our efforts. Highest Cheers from Deferred Gnosis. And if thou Wilt, please share -  
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