41 minutes | Sep 26, 2014

Episode 1: Secular Transcendence and the (un)Holy Spiritual Experience

  https://open.spotify.com/episode/4hi53rZ0WDN0sr9TNKUT23 • Episode 1: Secular Transcendence and the (un)Holy Spiritual Experience •  • The Hosts ~ Shea Bilé & Matt Johnson • - On this 1st episode of Deferred Gnosis: We discuss the Spiritual/Transcendent experience - Meet the hosts: Shea Bilé & Matt Johnson What is a spiritual/transcendent experience? What do they mean to an atheist? What do they mean to a Satanist? Does atheism have room for spirituality? Does Satanism? Is there a spiritual world? The necessity for evidence. The fallacies of religious mythology - is there a silver lining? Is there a place for religion in an enlightened world? For spirituality? We draw a line in the sand... - Musicians, Writers, Poets, Painters - Artists of any kind: Send us a link to your work - deferredgnosis@gmail.com - or use the comment section below. We will devote a segment to showcase your work along with a short interview with the artist. - Listeners, Artists, Commentators, Fellow travelers on the fringe: Send us your comments, thoughts, suggestions, topic ideas for future podcasts to - deferredgnosis@gmail.com - Or use the comment section below. ‡ Intro Music: Invocation of Nothing by Shea Bilé ‡ Outro Music for this episode - Romania by Roboton   ‡ https://www.deferredgnosis.com    |      |      |    |     |      |    |    |     |    Please Consider Donating to the Deferred Gnosis Podcast. We are a self-sustained venture: A labor of love, with a helping of rage, transformed into passion for change. Please consider a donation, and a pledge of your support to our efforts. Highest Cheers from Deferred Gnosis.
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