59 minutes | Oct 22nd 2019

Dr. Greg Skelly – Mental Health, Fitness and Nutrition

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In this episode of the Defeating Depression Podcast, I sit down for a face-
to-face with my CrossFit coach, Dr. Greg Skelly to discuss mental health
and the connection of our mind and our body. We talk about how things like
movement, physical exercise and good nutrition choices can fuel a better
atmosphere for your mental health. Regardless of your current fitness
levels, you’re going to gain some huge value from this conversation!

Dr. Greg Skelly is the co-founder of CrossFit Edwardsville, an award-
winning gym located in the Metro East of St. Louis. Coach G, as he is
better known, received his doctorate in Physical Therapy from Washington
University. He is also a current nutrition coach, retired CrossFit competitor
and retired physical therapist, who had logged over 12,000 hours of health
and fitness coaching since 2008. To use his words, he is “blessed with the
privilege of working with a community of excellence- amazing people doing
great things.” He is the author of several eBooks, including titles such as,
WOD Prescription by Your Doctor, The Top 9 Benefits to Having a
Worksite Wellness Program, and Fitness & Nutrition Secrets for Busy
Professionals. Coach G and his wife, Caroline, co-founded CrossFit
Edwardsville together, and they have one child, Zai.

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*For those in crisis: if you or someone you know is considering suicide,
please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at: 1-800-273-8255
or https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org.

* If you need someone to talk to, 7Cups connects you to caring listeners for
free emotional support. 7Cups is the world’s largest mental health system
with 340,000 volunteers offering free anonymous, on-demand support via
chat messaging.

* Or, if you are a loved one is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder
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The information provided in this podcast is not intended or implied to be a
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seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any
questions you may have regarding depression, anxiety disorder, or any
other mental health or medical condition.

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