46 minutes | Nov 20th 2019

Dr. Greg Judice – Physical Therapy and Mental Health

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In this week’s Defeating Depression Podcast, we speak with Dr. Greg
Judice, founder of Judice Sports & Rehab. He is a respected physical
therapist in St. Louis, and we discuss some of the physical and mental
connections of wellness.

Fueled by a passion that everyone should be able to spend their time as
they want without limitations, Dr. Greg was first introduced to the world of
physical therapy when he was a child. At the age of eleven, he sustained a
shoulder injury while pitching for a competitive, traveling baseball team.
The injury limited his ability to pitch as he grew older, impacting his ability
to play the game and the position he loved to play.

Now a respected physical therapist in St. Louis, Dr. Greg enjoys being able
to show people that they matter and he is motivated to demonstrate to his
patients how much he cares about their health and success. This passion
for helping others inspired his idea for a practice that addresses the three
biggest frustrations from people seeking traditional healthcare: Time,
Money, and Attention/Value.

You can check out Dr. Greg’s practice at: http://www.stlouispt.com/
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