16 minutes | Mar 27th 2018

Skyway Schism: Beyond the binary

This week on Deep North: the climate controlled hallways that elevate Minneapolis and St. Paul humans to the second floor. The value of these skyways is a contentious issue. Some say they kill street life and hurt small business.  Others see the skyways as an asset for less mobile populations, and a comfortable way to get out of the office.

But for this show,  we’re going to set the debate aside and take a walk through these elevated hallways. With professional place maker, Max Musicant, we’ll explore how design affects people, how people shape the built environment, and how these spaces foster civic life.

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Music by Enjoy the Cat, and Zack Baltich

Interested in experimenting with public design? Try transforming your front yard into a place that makes your community come alive by grabbing the free front yard tool kit from the Musicant group.

Photo by Rita Kovtun