41 minutes | Jun 26th 2020

Illegal Logging & Organized Crime in Chihuahua, Mexico

People and Forests at Risk: Organized Crime, trafficking in persons and deforestation in Chihuahua, Mexico.The highland ranges of the Sierra Madre are cool and temperate forests – with several species of Oak, conifers and a number of pines, and logging is permitted here. But excessive legal and illegal logging is contributing to rapid deforestation. Organized criminal groups have established their position within the illegal logging trade, with them comes violence, corruption, kidnapping, extortion, displacement of indigenous communities and persecution of environmental and human-rights defenders.Presenters: Livia Wagner and Jack Meegan-VickersGuests: Diana Siller, co-author of the paper and Director of JADE (Environmental Justice and human rights in Mexico)Julia Urrunaga, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), an international NGO who investigate forest and environmental crimes.Sound Effects: Freesfx
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