39 minutes | Oct 1st 2019

Jeff Henderson

This episode is an conversation with Jeff Henderson. Jeff has an unusual work history, he’s worked for the Atlanta Braves, Callaway Gardens Resorts, and the ultimate customer service organization, Chick-fil-a. Since 2003, he’s been a pastor with North Point ministries in Atlanta Georgia. Jeff is a leader’s leader. His personal and professional background has shaped him into a leader who not only understands people but also genuinely cares about them.We talked about tough topics like how to deal with a team member who is not performing up to their potential. Then as bonus Jeff gave us a sneak preview of how chick-fil-a is changing just one word in their mission statement and you’ll see how powerful changing just one word can be.Jeff has a new book out, Know What you’re For: A growth strategy for Work, An even better strategy for life, that I highly recommend. 
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