74 minutes | Jan 7th 2020

Adolescents, Adults, and ADHD

Trevor talks to Roberto Olivardia, PhD. Dr. Olivardia specializes in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and challenges facing students with learning differences.

Dr. Olivardia discusses what ADHD is, myths around the diagnosis, and strategies for managing ADHD. He also shares his own experience of living with ADHD and raising a son with the same condition.


– Dr. Olivardia discusses that the concept of adult ADHD didn’t exist until the mid-90s (03:52)
– According to Dr. Olivardia, ADHD isn’t a mental illness but a “condition of neuro-diversity” (37:25)
– Dr. Olivardia shares some strategies for managing ADHD (01:03:47)


– Roberto Olivardia profile: mclean.link/3hx
– Stop Worrying and Start Living With ACT Therapy: mclean.link/iop
– ADHD and Eating Disorders: What You Should Know: mclean.link/yk7
– Asking the Hard Questions About ADHD: mclean.link/wab

Read the episode transcript: mclean.link/090

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