52 minutes | Nov 25, 2020

Back to Work feat. Dave Fontenot

Rejoining the workforce can be tough, but rejoining the workforce as a developer can be even tougher. For Dave Fontenot, General Partner at Backend Capital and Founder of the developer networking website HackMatch, he has lived the life of a developer, a monk, and a Hackathon whiz. He also started his own VC fund based on the thesis of investing in great developers. Dave has experienced rejoining the workforce first-hand, and even created tools and communities to make that change simpler.Dave sat down with Decoded host Sydney Lai to chat about how to find your way back into the industry after a hiatus. The pair also shared tips and ideas that developers may need to thrive after rejoining the workforce.Other discussion topics include: Dave’s experience getting into programming. Making the decision to take a sabbatical. Avoiding programming burnout. How jobs in other industries impact your programming, and vice versa. RELATED LINKS Learn more about Dave’s VC fund Backend Capital. Follow Dave on Twitter and LinkedIn. Check out Dave’s companies HackMatch and MHacks. Learn more about OutSystems. Apply for the OutSystems App-Development School — 2 weeks of remote training in OutSystems with a certification exam and introductions to employers who are actively hiring within your region!
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