30 minutes | Apr 13th 2020

DTM #009 Less Burnout More Success - How to Hit the Reset

Strategies to help create better work like balance:

  • Set Priorities and Boundaries
  • Declutter
  • Organize and put in some effort
  • Let go of Perfection
  • Adapt the mindset of “Do less” so that you can achieve more
  • Self-care
  • ….and more

Health & Wellness Expert, Certified Life, Health, & Mindset Coach, Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Ultimate Hustler, Creator of the 365DailyHustle.

Her coaching practice strives to motivate, educate, and inspire others to live their best life by offering a unique life and wellness coaching programs. She provides clients with the right support, accountability, and fresh perspectives to make lifelong changes when it comes to achieving her client’s goals.

Karissa works with BossBabes who want to create better work-life balance.... She helps them Reset, Readjust and Refocus on what’s most important to them in order to achieve success no matter the focus is.

Book a Free Discovery Call: http://bit.ly/365Hustle

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