84 minutes | Sep 29, 2020

Conversations with EV, Solar, and Storage Owners in Minnesota

Many Minnesotans are taking advantage of new technologies that provide cleaner and more resilient energy production and use – in their own back yards! These technologies used to be more expensive than fossil fuels, but rapid battery tech development and solar panel price reduction have changed the game making these technologies a better choice.Join Shift2Electric, Fresh Energy, the Minnesota Electric Vehicle Owners Chapter to hear from Minnesotans who have made the switch to driving electric and harvesting electricity from the sun to power their homes and vehicles. Some of our panelists also have stationary battery storage systems that enable them to power their house even during a power outage while also making their household more grid friendly. Panelists share why they chose their specific systems, details about the design and installation process, and, most importantly, how this shift is working for them in their everyday life. There’s so much information! Our experts and panelists will help you get started.This event is part of National Drive Electric Week presented by Plug In America, Sierra Club, and Electric Auto Association and National Solar Tour.Listeners can stay up to date on our work via our once monthly email list, blog at www.fresh-energy.org, or by following us on Facebook and Twitter. You can support Fresh Energy’s work for a clean energy Minnesota by making a donation today! Click here to learn more and donate. 
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