39 minutes | Nov 17, 2020

Conversation with Dr. Leah Stokes + Post-Election Bonus Content

In celebration of Give to the Max Day, we're sharing the conversation that Michael Noble, Fresh Energy's Executive Director, had with Dr. Leah Stokes,  internationally-recognized clean energy thought leader at Fresh Energy's Virtual Benefit Breakfast in October.  Dr. Stokes brought her trademark energy to our virtual stage and put into clear focus Minnesota’s role in the national clean energy landscape. She challenged Minnesota to both pass strong policy and focus on implementing it effectively. We've also included 25 minutes of post-election "bonus content" where Michael and Dr. Stokes discuss what the outcome of the election could mean for clean energy policy and federal leadership.Listeners can stay up to date on our work via our once monthly email list, blog at www.fresh-energy.org, or by following us on Facebook and Twitter. You can support Fresh Energy’s work for a clean energy Minnesota by making a donation today!
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