60 minutes | Nov 17, 2020

A Guide to Careers in the Green Recovery with Eric Pasi and Ben Passer

Tune in to Fresh Energy's conversation with Eric Pasi, principal at IPS Solar and author of new book, CleanWave: A Guide to Success in the Green Recovery.Rapidly advancing technology, high demand, and sheer affordability are pushing clean energy into the mainstream. With coal plants closing, pipelines under scrutiny, and prices for wind and solar dropping, fossil fuels in the United States are at a tipping point and clean energy is poised for major expansion. This exponential growth is prompting many students and mid-career professionals to ride the “CleanWave” and create a career in clean energy.Tune in to get advice on breaking into the clean energy sector and get the scoop on how clean energy will be a catalyst for economic recovery. We will also discuss energy’s place in the renewed civil rights movement and hear how Eric sees his work as honoring his father’s Tongan legacy.Listeners can stay up to date on our work via our once monthly email list, blog at www.fresh-energy.org, or by following us on Facebook and Twitter. You can support Fresh Energy’s work for a clean energy Minnesota by making a donation today!
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