28 minutes | Feb 27, 2021

339 – Car Loans Keeping You Broke? Here’s What To Do

For many people, a car is a necessary expense to get to work and run errands. But what if you unintentionally bought too much car and your car loan is now creating financial problems? What are your options? Is it possible to get out of a car loan? On today’s podcast, Ted Michalos and Doug Hoyes discuss when you might want to hand your vehicle back, how to do it, and what happens with the loan shortfall. Tune in for lots of practical advice! Related link: Voluntary Surrender: Should I Hand My Vehicle Back? https://www.hoyes.com/blog/voluntary-surrender-should-i-hand-my-vehicle-back/ Time Stamps:   2:38 What is negative equity 10:32 Budgeting for car expenses 15:30 When should you give your car back 16:58 How to give your car back
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