34 minutes | Feb 6, 2021

336 – What’s Going on with Real Estate in 2021? | Should you buy now? With John Pasalis

ohn Pasalis, President of Realosophy Realty, makes his first appearance on the podcast, and he tells us that, even though unemployment is high and we are in a lockdown, the real estate market is “on fire”.  Why?  Is government policy deliberately inflating house prices?  When will this boom end?  Is now a good time to buy?  Or rent?  All that and more. Enjoy!   Time Stamps:   2:05  What’s happening in the real estate market? 3:55  How is it possible that the economy is in lockdown, unemployment is high, and real estate prices are “on fire”? 6:15 More people are working from home, so we understand why single family homes are going up in value, but why are downtown condos also holding their value when everyone has abandoned the city? 9:00 Is this boom different that the 2016/2017 boom? 11:30 Do governments care that real estate prices are going up?  Will they do anything to cool the market? 16:45 Are we approaching buyer fatigue? 17:45 Should I buy a house now? 20:40 How some purchasers in 2017 lost their entire investment 22:17  When will the boom end? 24:45 Condo sales prices have dropped slightly, but rental rates are down significantly.  Why? 27:00 Is now a good time to rent?  Advice for renters?29:00 John’s advice for dealing with market hysteria 30:00 What will be the signs of the end of the real estate boom? Related Links: Realosophy Website: https://www.realosophy.com/ John Pasalis on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JohnPasalis John Pasalis’ YouTube channel – Move Smartly: https://www.youtube.com/movesmartly
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