42 minutes | Jan 28, 2021

Lesleigh Tolin, Grief Specialist

As a senior adult, Lesleigh Tolin lost both of her parents. She grew up in a home where alcohol and emotional and physical abuse created ongoing chaos. She knows what it’s like to camouflage emotional pain. As a young girl and a young woman, Lesleigh suffered from the addiction of binge eating. She's known the sweetness of recovery from food addiction for several decades. She was honored to give her father a 14 year chip at AA the year before he died.Lesleigh has suffered the loss of dear friends to cancer, to suicide, and to a plane crash. She has weathered the deep emotional loss of beloved pets. She knows the heartache of divorce in early life and the sadness of a final farewell to her late ex-husband. Later in life, Lesleigh is now married to a wonderful man, a former widower and has experienced how loss and change can impact a loving family. Lesleigh knows firsthand the vulnerability of dating a widower, blending families, and creating a flourishing relationship.It is these life experiences, combined with her education, training and deep empathy for human suffering that make her so proud to do this work. Today, Lesleigh has joy in her life and considers it an honor to help others reclaim their heart and their lives through the Grief Recovery Method.https://lesleighjtolin.comSupport this show http://supporter.acast.com/death-by-design. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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