27 minutes | Feb 4, 2021

Laura Sterner

In addition to being a wife and mother, Laura Sterner found her calling is wellness. Finding her place in life has been an evolution. For Laura, it started with poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and excessive stress as a norm. This lifestyle, and a genetic predisposition, yielded a fight with blood pressure issues when she had her firstborn. Holding the new little life, as well as her own health issues, provided a wake-up call to start initiating a lifestyle change. Fast forward 3 years, Laura's middle child, and only son, was born. His arrival also came with a bundle of allergic responses, asthma, and an ALTE, and Laura, still had blood pressure issues. This was where the rubber hit the road. Laura's focus shifted to ingesting as much information as she could regarding wellness to improve her family’s quality of life. She had been on an info gathering mission ever since, but now with a much clearer sense of purpose and a desire to help others who have faced a similar journey and challenges. This new path has drastically changed the quality of life, and Laura's desire is to be able to support others to make positive changes to create a ripple effect of health. In today’s hustle, families have an ever-increased need for guidance navigating the health industry and finding their own balance. With Laura's skill set, Her hope to provide guidance to individuals and families so that they can make decisions to improve their wellness.http://laurasterner.com/Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/death-by-design. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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