11 minutes | Jun 1st 2020

Re: George Floyd

Hello everyone, this is Paul.  This week’s episode of Death Before Desk Job will be postponed until next week. I feel that it would be tone deaf and irresponsible to release an episode of a show where I, a white man, talk to people about following their dreams in such a cavalier way, when people of color all across this country are regularly killed at the hands of law enforcement, because the victims of police brutality are robbed of their chance to follow their dreams, solely because of the color of their skin.  My voice is not the voice you need to hear right now. You need to hear the millions of black voices that are screaming out about the systematic injustices that they must face every day. As a white man, I truly have no grasp of this experience. I can never understand what it’s like to grow up black in this country. And for this reason, I’m choosing to remain silent right now, because I will learn nothing by talking anymore.  Now is the time to listen. Educate yourself, so that you can become a stronger ally. Vote at the booth this (and every) election. Give to the organizations out there that are actively fighting racial injustice. And once more, listen.  This 9-minute silence is for George Floyd, may he rest in power.
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