23 minutes | Aug 22nd 2019

It takes more than love for a successful adoption

More than 80 percent of parents chose 0-2 years out of the fear of not bonding, missing out on the child's early days, the trauma that the child might have undergone etc. To discuss these apprehensions and to understand why disruptions often take place in older kids in India, our reporter Vaishali spoke to Radha Nagesh,  a member of Karnataka state council for child welfare and a volunteer counselor for over 20 years at Viveka center for emotional support. In her experience as a counselor, she talks about how trauma can be handled, the role of foster care and the need for support from CARA to promote the adoption of older children.For more stories like this, you can listen on www.sunoindia.in. Also follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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