21 minutes | Oct 25th 2019

Hear what is it like to be a Single Parent of an Intersex Child

In this episode, you will hear from Koushumi Chakraborti, a 40-year-old single parent who adopted Shanaya, an intersex child, which means they was born with both reproductive organs and are often mistaken to be "transgender" or "third sex". Activists say that at least 10,000 babies are born intersex in India every year, and awareness is low on the clear distinction between ‘intersex’ and ‘transgender’. This problem is further compounded with the society's pressure to assign a sex to the child at birth and often parents are offered surgery as the only option by doctors who term the same as "corrective procedures". This lack of awareness compounded by the stigma of giving birth to an intersex child also means that some children are abandoned out of fear. It is in this context, this story of Koushumi and Shanaya is important. Koushumi is from Bangalore and is a single mother who is breaking through all stereotypes. Koushumi refers to her child as "they". See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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