45 minutes | Apr 13th 2020

053: Ken Zane, Freelance Art Producer and Curator at AtEdge

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Ken comes on the show as the first repeat guest! This episode is filled with tips and advice as well as very thoughtful conversations about the current ways we work and how these can be improved to the benefit of all.


Key Takeaways

[:30] Heather welcomes Ken and asks him to share his background from being a photographer to freelancing today.

[3:15] Ken shares a little about what he does at AtEdge and he talks about current styles.

[7:00] The state of the industry has drastically changed and is poised to keep doing so, Kenneth shares his take on it and the challenges he sees on the horizon, from the rise of social to the extensive range of media formats available today.

[11:20] Ken and Heather discuss the importance for a photographer to be clear on their studio capabilities.

[12:35] The all-important creative call! Ken shares advice for the softer spoken or timid people: practice, and ask questions.

[15:54] Treatment or call first? Heather and Ken chat about the possibility of sandwiching the treatment between creative calls!

[18:30] Getting Ken’s attention follows a few usual paths, but he does love finding out a bit of personal information about the photographers he looks up. But more and more people have been reaching out to him through Instagram — despite him not checking messages until the last six months!

[23:38] To all photographers out there: make sure you’re reachable!

[24:08] AtEdge is going through a few upgrades, Ken shares which and why they’re being implemented as well as the cool face to face events!

[28:28] Getting jobs approved is a long and painful process, Ken talks about the complexity of estimating with or without cost consulting and depending on the agency.

[32:15] Ken speaks to the library usage questions he often fields and tries to clear up the misconceptions.

[34:51] Sharing who is bidding against whom can lead to problems; Ken shares a professional story.

[40:10] Ken shares what he’s been hearing from photographers around the coronavirus pandemic and the issues it raises for them.

[43:45] Heather thanks Ken for coming on the podcast and sharing so much of his experience.


Thanks for listening.


In an industry where the rules are always changing, it’s helpful to hear from those on the front line. Heather Elder is the visionary behind NotesFromARep’sJournal.com; visit her website for industry updates, stunning photography and video, and the artists behind the work.


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