74 minutes | Nov 23rd 2018

Episode 1 feat. Laurence Barnard of Killgerm Chemicals

Welcome to Dealey Pest Academy Podcast! Our first guest is Laurence Barnard, of Killgerm Chemicals.

In this episode, we talk about:
- Professional pest control products versus amateur
- Misuse of pest control products and their effect on pets and humans
- Warning labels on pest control products and their importance
- Pest control magazines
- Laurence's recommended fictional books, films and a little bit of his personal life

Laurence also talks about an inspiring story of how he overcame and conquered all odds as a husband and father, when his wife was diagnosed with cancer, years ago. He has then used this experience to educate people, be inspired and work harder in the field of pest control.

"I don't know anyone who genuinely loves their job as much as pest controllers do. And that's across the whole spectrum as well. You know, that's what my job is, working for suppliers and helping people in sales, part of my job. Even people that work in offices for pest control... it’s a strange base, really. And I don't think I’d want to be anywhere else"

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