85 minutes | Oct 7th 2020


My guest for this episode is Independent filmmaker and a film professor at CU Denver’s College of Arts & Media David Liban.

David and I talk about filmmaking and the recent release of his post-apocalyptic film A Feral World. We also talk about his experience as a young boy growing up in the 70s and how the implications of the Cold War affected him and his outlook on the world.

It’s a fascinating discussion with a multitude of resources and information for anyone interested in filmmaking so be sure to have a pen and paper handy to take notes. And above all please enjoy the show.

DEAD HAND RADIO is A podcast about the Cold War. It’s history and the effects it had on our culture, technology and the future of our world.

My goal is to examine these and other topics. To learn. To educate. To entertain and exchange ideas with those interested.

So join me, and together we’ll explore a fascinating period of history and examine some incredible advancements in weapons, technology, science, art and culture and discuss how all of it relates to the future of our world.

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I’m Andrew Hall and This is Dead Hand Radio.

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