106 minutes | Oct 30th 2020

Legendary Ladies: Spooky Sessions - Pilot Pod - Haunting of the Hill House "Steven Sees a Ghost"

In their final Spooky Session, the Legendary Ladies settle in to watch Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House. Part Morgan's Spooky Swap, and part PilotPod, Amy, Kat, and Morgan break down the first episode of the series, and discuss whether or not it qualifies as a true pilot. They talk about their favorite spooky aspects of the episode, what will keep them coming back, and what makes this kind of horror different from the other work they've watched this October. The Ladies also discuss their favorite Spooky Session of the month, and have a very long, important discussion about whether or not Scream holds up as well as a Subaru.  Amy: @Amy_Marie97 Kat: @ComicUno Morgan: @Mojotastic Tweet or DM us on twitter: @Legends_Podcast Like us? Rate us 5 stars on iTunes! Find Legends of Tomorrow Podcast on: Social Media: Facebook – @Legends_Podcast Subscribe: iTunes – Stitcher Radio – YouTube – DC TV Podcasts – Google Play – iHeartRadio Contact: thelegendspodcast@gmail.com Support: TeePublic Store Follow Kat's Kickstarter for Like Father, Like Daughter #1-7 - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/comicuno/like-father-like-daughter-1-7-a-superhero-drama   Check out Kat’s Comics Like Father, Like Daughter and They Call Her…The Dancer! https://www.etsy.com/shop/ComicUno?ref=seller-platform-mcnav
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